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‘Find WiiLii - Ep.1 The Gate-Crasher’

World Premiere at SXSW


GiiÖii | Immersive Storytelling Studio

in collaboration with

Ferryman Collective | Live Immersive VR Experiences

A sci-fi immersive drama asks audiences to consider the nature and value of our memories. Audiences are brought into the virtual space as new employees of the teleporter company Iioiig as part of their Find WiiLii Project, helping the company collect and preserve lots of memories.  But they soon find out that the company's plans are not quite as altruistic as they might seem.

Los Angeles, California (February 15th, 2023) – World premiering at the SXSW, brought to you by two of the world leaders in live virtual reality theater, GiiÖii in collaboration with Ferryman Collective have come together to produce the English language version of Find WiiLii - Ep.1 The Gate-Crasher, as an Official Selection and will participate in the XR Experience at SXSW. 

"We are incredibly grateful to be coming back to SXSW this year" says show Director, Whitton Frank  “and in particular to be collaborating with this incredible international company. This kind of work has the ability to connect people from all over the world through the magic of theatre. Highlighting the importance of human connection, intimacy and storytelling in a virtual environment is what allows us to create powerful, immersive experiences for our audiences.”

Find WiiLii is a live, hour-long immersive experience that takes three audience members on a futuristic journey in a VR headset.

Find WiiLii Trailer

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